CE mark and related regulations

CE mark and related regulations

Consultations to gain the CE mark

We can help you to gain the CE mark to be put on products manufactured within the European Union states as well as on products that are imported. We provide advisory services as to what requirements must be met by the product, we will prepare for you a programme of tests, or we will assess conformity by ourselves. We have gained experience in a number of fields, we have at our disposal a sufficient network of laboratories to carry out the tests, and we employ experts in case the parameters of a product are to be verified through a theoretical calculation or by assessing technical documentation.

CE marking

means that a product is in conformity with all the requirements imposed on the manufacturer on the basis of approved EU directives aimed at regulating the entire EU market. The CE mark, the product bears, represents the declaration of the entity that put it on the product or that is responsible for putting it on a particular product.

Legitimate marking of conformity

Directives, allowing application of the CE mark, follow particular principles and regulations issued by the Community. As a legitimate marking of conformity by means of the CE mark it is only if the method of complete harmonisation is used, while fully prohibiting differences of national regulations, protecting identical public interests just as the directive does, jointly when ensuring an adequate procedure of assessing the conformity in accordance with the decision 93/465/EEC.

CE marking versus National marking of conformity

CE mark is a unique symbol of conformity including all the requirements placed on a manufacturers product in accordance with harmonised regulations issued by the Community. Particular EU member states are not allowed to incorporate into their national standards any references to various markings of conformity, indicating conformity with requirements concerning products bearing the CE mark.

In case of a different national marking of a product it is necessary to support the following:

- national marking must refer to a function different from that of the CE mark - it must be clear that it cannot be confused with the CE mark - it must not reduce legibility and visibility of the CE mark All required markings of the products conformity (CCZ) having the same meaning as the CE marking which existed prior to the implementation of harmonisation are fully replaced by the CE mark within the putting of products on the EU market. The national markings of conformity are being qualified as absolutely incongruous with the new approach of the marking of conformity in accordance with the CE mark and therefore they represent quite an evident violation of harmonised principles and regulations of the new approach.

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1.9.2018 ISO 9001, ISO 14001

The ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certification standards expire on September 15, 2018. Certificates and certification logos of these standards can not be used Since this date . LL-C offers a new accredited ISO 9001: 2015 or 14001: 2015 certification.

1.3.2013 ERCA personnel certification

We started a project personnel certification with ERCA partner a certifcate registration under the scheme ERCA. We offer 12 fields of personnel certification.

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